"Bea has a forensic understanding of form, structure and genre. She'll quickly whip your flabby outline into an elegant silhouette. Don't bear all before an audience without her!"

Lucy Bell – Documental Theatre

Whether you're a devising ensemble, a clowning company or a playwright in a garrett I can help you make the show you're dreaming of.

I was dramaturg for The Wardrobe Ensemble on their Fringe First and Stage Award winning show Education, Education, Education and have also dramaturged (is that a word?) for Scratchworks Theatre Company, playwright Lucy Bell of Documental Theatre, Tremolo theatre, the North Wall Arts Centre’s Emerging Writers programme and the Stephen Joseph Theatre. 

Whether you’re looking for an outside eye in the rehearsal room or a script report and notes session, I can be a supportive and experienced guide to help you craft articulate, thoughtful and original work.  


“Bea’s dramaturgical support was totally invaluable in the crucial final stages of creating our show Education Education Education. She effortlessly fit in to our busy, loud ensemble of 9 and helped us to hone and craft our biggest show to date. Bea joined us after we’d already been developing the show for over a year, at a point where we were swimming in ideas and material. She really pushed us to interrogate our story, and to question the place of every scene in the show, and we felt a real sense that she was as invested as we were in the success of the show. Witty, insightful and totally clued up on story beats, Bea is a fantastic asset to any rehearsal room”

Helena Middleton, The Wardrobe Ensemble

“Working with Bea has been a total delight. Right from the start of our R and D she was an integral part of the creative team. By asking insightful questions Bea helped us to interrogate our ideas for the piece and broaden our understanding of what it could be. She was an indispensable voice in threading the narrative stands and maintaining the logic of the world and, when we came across creative hurdles, Bea was an experienced guide in helping us overcome them. Bea was very sensitive to our creative process and was a lot of fun to have in the room. I’d highly recommend working with her” 

Jack Drewry, Tremolo Theatre

“Bea has supported me to plan one script and given me dramaturgical notes on two others (theatre and radio). She has a forensic understanding of form, structure and genre and is especially good on character intentions and dramatic tension. It’s just great fun to work with the brain behind those fantastic plays! Bea is supportive and humane and the insights she gave me into the dramatist’s craft, as well as maintaining morale in a tough profession, have stayed with me for future projects. I recommend her unreservedly!”

Lucy Bell, Documental Theatre

“Bea was an absolute dream to work with. She opened up our process, inviting us to work in new and surprising ways that we continue to use. Her expertise in narrative structure and world building has been integral in shaping our latest show as well as re-invigorating our existing methods of working. In the room, Bea was encouraging, challenging and a huge asset to the team and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Scratchworks Theatre Company

Get In Touch

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to getting help with your show so the best thing is to drop me a line. I’m happy to consider different budgets and, when I can, I will provide free dramaturgy for up and coming writers without funding from underrepresented groups such as writers from working class backgrounds, BAME writers and writers with disabilities.