How To Ride A Canon (And Other Life Lessons From Cher)

A Cher-obics storytelling piece for Bristol’s Sanctum project, 2015, featuring lip syncs, step aerobics and my real teenage diary.

“I pull up my big girl g-string, follow my path and move on” Cher

Bea loves Cher and would like to share with you the life lessons she’s learnt from the great diva herself, including how to act Christina Aguilera off the screen whilst barely moving your face, how to slap Nicholas Cage and how to ride a cannon. 

A diva story telling extravaganza, celebrating life lessons from the only woman in history to have a fifty year career in the music industry, an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy, three golden globes, a history of LGBT activism and some of the most legendary wigs of the twentieth century. We’ll discover how a true icon never takes herself too seriously and how a chubby, bullied 12 year old learnt to be a diva with Cherobics. 

Performed at Theaster Gates Sanctum, 2015  / A Situations project for Bristol 2015 European Green Capital. Funded through the Arts Council England Exceptional Fund and the Henry Moore Foundation.