Marion Allen’s Number One Hobby

Commendation for Best New Writing at the NSDF Edinburgh Emerging Talent Awards, 2010. Top recommended show from What’s On Stage and Scotsgay.

A bittersweet monologue about a woman coming to terms with loss, luck and Crunchie Bars.

2013: Drip Action Theatre Trail, Director: Bill Brennan

2010: The Canal Café Theatre, London / Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh. Director: Emma Taylor.

“Inside this remarkable play by Bea Roberts is a character of great beauty and integrity; a diary of a nobody evolves into a powerfully moving account of transcendent grace.…It is a profound play, a remarkable play, a touching and affecting study of goodness”

Fringe Report

“Understated and beautifully woven monologue from rising young literary talent Bea Roberts”


“For a woman whose hobby relies on her optimism, her spirit is unflinching even in the face of adversity and so in the incredibly moving encounter in the final scene we are left reeling at the incredible, and incredibly performed, Marion Allen”

What’s On Stage