The Borrowers

An original adaptation of this much loved children’s classic for Tobacco Factory Theatres, Christmas 2018.

Below the floorboards of a large house in Bristol, we are plunged into the quirky, wonky, miniature world of young Arrietty and her family of Borrowers. Making use of anything and everything they find ‘upstairs’, from cotton buds to crisp packets, string to Subutteo players, the Borrowers are the original up-cyclers.

However their quiet existence is torn apart by the arrival of a family of Human Beans and soon the quiet ticking of the grandfather clock is replaced by Hoovers, TVs and the sound of Tom Jones on the radio. Arrietty longs to see what life is like for the new family of giants and her friendship with the eight year old Eddie is the opportunity to do just that.

Creative Team: 

Adaptation by Bea Roberts

Directed by Nik Partridge

Designed by Rosanna Vize

Original music composed and performed by David Ridley.

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