The Darkling Plain

Commendation for Best New Writing and Best Ensemble Performance at the NSDF Edinburgh Emerging Talent Awards, 2008.

Inspired by the work of Noël Coward, a satire which follows the fortunes of the cut glass and cocktails Carruthers and their salt of the earth cockanee counterparts, the Smiths, as the two families go to war. But this is no war against the Jerrys, instead our plucky young heroes will be fighting the war against terror, if only they can work out what that is….

(2011) Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol. Director: Emma Henry.

(2008) Underbelly, Edinburgh / Wickham Theatre, Bristol / Alma Tavern, Bristol. Director: Nick Blakeley.

“Imagine an unholy marriage of Enid Blyton and Noël Coward and you have the flavour of Bea Roberts’ winning, funny yet ultimately moving play….as the mood of the play darkens, and you find yourself not only laughing at the characters, but crying with them, too.”

The Guardian

“There is a brilliant comedy at work here, brimming with good ideas and full of exuberance on the part of the skilled cast”

British Theatre Guide

“A true work of original theatre…There are few plays which deliver laughter as well as this one, and few with as much heart or brains. To sum up, this play is a triumph. Watch it. Watch it today.”

Fest Mag

“Comedy is difficult, parody is difficult, establishing topical relevance without preaching is difficult, and Roberts and her admirable cast succeed at all of these in what is simultaneously one of the most enjoyable and most touching hours of the Fringe.”

London Theatre Guide