Thy Name Is Woman / BLACKOUT

Commissioned by Theatre Royal Bath for their Engage Programme, 2016

Thy Name is Woman: Twelve contemporary short films that give twelve Shakespearean female characters a final say performed by members of the Engage programme’s Acting for Screen course. 

A Bath Theatre Royal Engage/Screenology co-production directed by Philip Perry, produced by Joe Spurgeon. 

Written by Bea Roberts: ‘China-versary’ inspired by Measure for Measure and ‘Crumpet’ inspired by As You Like It. 


BLACKOUT comprised of at trio of short plays written by Bea Roberts, Sharon Clark and Miriam Battye performed from all angles by unseen actors, foley artists and musicians, including participants from the Acting for Radio course. Directed by Philip Perry, produced by Joe Spurgeon. 

Set in 2066 in a floating city adrift in the Atlantic ocean, ‘Idiot Wings’ by Bea Roberts follows rebellious Enid and her impossibly old Cher-obsessed mother as they grapple with debt, narwhals and an over sexed micro-penguin.